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Coconut Pre Processing Machine

  • Coconut Dehusker
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    Coconut Dehusker

    Coconut Dehusker Description: Coconut dehusker removes the coconut husk from coconut fruit. The coconut husk will be removed automatically by this machine. Features: thoroughly dehusking with high capacity, very easy to operate. Specification:
  • Coconut Deshelling Machine
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    Coconut Deshelling Machine

    Coconut Deshelling Machine Description: This coconut deshelling machine removes the hard coconut shell from dehusked coconut fruit. The coconut deshelling machine requires one operator to hold the coconut fruit during the deshelling process. Feature: small size, easy to...
  • Coconut Testa Removing Machine
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    Coconut Testa Removing Machine

    Coconut Testa Removing Machine Description: This coconut testa removing machine, which is also called coconut scalping machine or coconut paring machine, removes the thin and brownish testa off the deshelled coconut. This coconut testa removing machine requires one operator...
  • Coconut Meat Slicer
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    Coconut Meat Slicer

    Coconut Meat Slicer Description: Coconut meat slicer is to cut the coconut into thin and uniform coconut flakes in accordance with certain thickness with the use of the sharp section of meat slicer. Features: compact structure, beautiful appearance, convenient operation, high...
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