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Wet Processing Virgin Coconut Oil Machine

  • VCO Disc Stack Centrifuge
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    VCO Disc Stack Centrifuge

    VCO Disc Stack Centrifuge Description: The VCO disc stack centrifuge separates coconut oil from the water with coconut protein. Creamy oil with high fat content, can be obtained after the coconut milk going through butterfly centrifuge. Feature: 1, automatic slagging. 2, the...
  • Vibrating Filter
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    Vibrating Filter

    Vibrating Filter Description: The vibrating filter, which can be also called deslagging machine, adopt the design of stainless steel 304 with multilayer vibration net, which removes the solid substances and separates the liquid from solid effectively. Feature: 1, With a clear...
  • VCO Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge
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    VCO Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge

    VCO Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge Description: The transducer control of VCO horizontal decanter centrifuge can be used as stepless speed adjustment to make centrifuge reach optimal separating effect; under the circumstances of centrifuge overloading and drum blocking, its...
  • VCO Tubular Centrifuge
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    VCO Tubular Centrifuge

    VCO Tubular Centrifuge Description: the VCO tubular centrifuge works for the purpose of further separation of the coconut oil and decrease the water content in the coconut oil. Features: big separation capacity, simple structure, easy and convenient for operation and...
  • VCO Low Temperature Vacuum Drying System
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    VCO Low Temperature Vacuum Drying System

    VCO Low Temperature Vacuum Drying System Description: VCO low temperature vacuum drying system mainly consists of three parts: pre-heating system of coconut oil and water, coconut oil vacuum driver as well as oil storage system, vacuum pump unit and refrigeration water...
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