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Coconut Shell Machine

  • Coconut Shell Crusher
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    Coconut Shell Crusher

    Coconut Shell Hammer Crusher Description: Coconut shell hammer crusher is a kind of machinery with the use of high-speed rotation of the hammer to smash materials. In the crusher, the rotor has a high-speed rotation, and the coconut shell crushed into fine particles by the...
  • Coconut Shell Carbonizing Machine
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    Coconut Shell Carbonizing Machine

    Continuous carbonization of coconut shell machine Description: Continuous carbonization of coconut shell machine adopts three return multi bypass dual channel SY type structure design. The coconut shell goes back and forth three times to contact the hot air source from a...
  • Coconut Shell Drying Machine
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    Coconut Shell Drying Machine

    High Efficient Coconut Shell Drying Machine Description: coconut shell energy-saving dryer material enters into the drying machine for coconut shell to carry on the interaction by blowing pipe and a rotating cylinder body. The coconut shell has the fluidization in the tube....
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