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Olive Machine

  • Olive Conveyor Machine
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    Olive Conveyor Machine

    Olive Conveyor Machine Description: the special olive conveyor is used for conveying the olive oil before treatment. Features: the special-shaped baffle design improves the olive conveying capacity and transport efficiency. Specification:
  • Olive Sorting And Cleaning Machine
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    Olive Sorting And Cleaning Machine

    Olive Sorting and Cleaning Machine Description: This olive sorting and cleaning machine works by the spout high-pressure water to wash olive. Features: high cleaning degree and water saving. Specification:
  • Olive Crushing Machine
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    Olive Crushing Machine

    Olive Crushing Machine Description: This Olive Crushing Machine crush olive into very fine pieces which is the preparation process for extracting olive oil. It is patented product with our unique design. Feature: 1,high capacity. 2,low noise, stable during grinding. 3,easy...
  • Olive Oil Mixing Machine
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    Olive Oil Mixing Machine

    Olive Oil Mixing Machine Description: Olive oil mixing machine is a kind of machine with a blade shaft in the cylinder or tank for rotation, mixing and fusion to make the crushed olive material to reach the appropriate consistency, and the olive material is squeezed out...
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge
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    Extra Virgin Olive Oil Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge Description: The transducer control of extra virgin olive oil horizontal decanter centrifuge can be used as stepless speed adjustment to make centrifuge reach optimal separating effect; under the circumstances of...
  • Extra Virgin Olive Disc Stack Centrifuge
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    Extra Virgin Olive Disc Stack Centrifuge

    Extra Virgin Olive Disc Stack Centrifuge Description: The extra virgin olive disc stack centrifuge separates olive oil from olive slag. Creamy oil with high fat content, can be obtained after the olive going through butterfly centrifuge. Features: 1, automatic slagging. 2,...
  • Olive Oil Filling Equipment
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    Olive Oil Filling Equipment

    Olive Oil Filling Equipment Description: Olive Oil Filling Equipment integrates the three functions of washing, filling, sealing into one, and the whole process can achieve automation. The machine selects high-quality SUS304, and the main components use the precision...
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