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  • Cone Disc Type Coconut Meat Grinder

    Contact NowCone Disc Type Coconut Meat GrinderCone Disc Type Coconut Meat Grinder Description: This cone disc type coconut meat grinder grinds coconut flesh into very fine pieces in 1~4mm which is the preparation process for extracting coconut milk and producing desiccated coconut . It is patented...Read More

  • Double-spiral Coconut Milk Extractor

    Contact NowDouble-spiral Coconut Milk ExtractorDouble-spiral Coconut Milk Extractor Description: The double-spiral coconut milk extractor is designed with entire SUS304 material. This machine has successfully overcome the disadvantages of single-screw machine with low coconut milk yield, small...Read More

  • VCO Disc Stack Centrifuge

    Contact NowVCO Disc Stack CentrifugeVCO Disc Stack Centrifuge Description: The VCO disc stack centrifuge separates coconut oil from the water with coconut protein. Creamy oil with high fat content, can be obtained after the coconut milk going through butterfly centrifuge. Feature: 1,...Read More

  • Coconut Milk Pasteurizer Equipment

    Contact NowCoconut Milk Pasteurizer EquipmentCoconut Milk Pasteurizer Description: The obtaining of pasteurized coconut milk shall apply the sterilization machine to kill the microorganisms on the coconut milk and reduces them in a permissible range. The complete instantaneous sterilization process...Read More

  • Coconut Superfine Grinder

    Contact NowCoconut Superfine GrinderSuperfine Grinder Description: The superfine grinder to grind dried coconut particle size less than 30 micron. Before crushing After crushing Specification:Read More

  • Coconut Dehusker

    Contact NowCoconut DehuskerCoconut Dehusker Description: Coconut dehusker removes the coconut husk from coconut fruit. The coconut husk will be removed automatically by this machine. Features: thoroughly dehusking with high capacity, very easy to operate. Specification:Read More

  • Coconut Deshelling Machine

    Contact NowCoconut Deshelling MachineCoconut Deshelling Machine Description: This coconut deshelling machine removes the hard coconut shell from dehusked coconut fruit. The coconut deshelling machine requires one operator to hold the coconut fruit during the deshelling process. Feature: small...Read More

  • Coconut Testa Removing Machine

    Contact NowCoconut Testa Removing MachineCoconut Testa Removing Machine Description: This coconut testa removing machine, which is also called coconut scalping machine or coconut paring machine, removes the thin and brownish testa off the deshelled coconut. This coconut testa removing machine...Read More

  • Coconut Meat Slicer

    Contact NowCoconut Meat SlicerCoconut Meat Slicer Description: Coconut meat slicer is to cut the coconut into thin and uniform coconut flakes in accordance with certain thickness with the use of the sharp section of meat slicer. Features: compact structure, beautiful appearance,...Read More

  • Hammer Coconut Meat Grinder

    Contact NowHammer Coconut Meat GrinderHammer Coconut Meat Grinder Description: The hammer coconut meat grinder makes the coconut meat get crushed with the high-speed relative motion between the movable fluted disc and the fixed tooth plate under the impact of the dentate, friction and the...Read More

  • Roll Type Coconut Meat Grinder

    Contact NowRoll Type Coconut Meat GrinderRoller-type Coconut Meat Crusher Description: The roller-type coconut meat crusher is to use the relative rotation of two drum sticks to make the crushing by friction and gravity when the coconut meat comes into the two rolls from the inlet. Features:...Read More

  • Hydraulic Juicing Coconut Meat Extractor

    Contact NowHydraulic Juicing Coconut Meat ExtractorHydraulic Coconut Juice Machine Description: The hydraulic piston rod driving pressure plate of the material for the press. The hydraulic coconut juice machine is mainly composed of a hydraulic piston rod, a pressure plate and frame filter, hydraulic...Read More